Cosmetic Dermatology: Common Misconceptions and Frequently Asked Questions


There are a lot of myths out there about cosmetic dermatology. Here are a few that we hear the most often. 

Cosmetic procedures are just for wealthy people.

Not true! Procedures are more affordable than you think. Because they used to be more expensive, cosmetic procedures have been historically considered the domain of wealthy people. Now, as procedures have become more common and widely available, the cost has gone down.

I don’t want to get anything done because I don’t want to look like a different person.

We’ve all seen or heard horror stories. But with the right professional provider, medical grade environment, and clear expectations, you and your cosmetic dermatology provider can make a treatment plan that gives you the results you are looking for. Without resorting to drastic plastic surgery, you can make small improvements that make a big difference.

Isn’t this stuff just for women?

No, more and more men are seeing the benefits of treatments like injectables for forehead wrinkles and nasal folds. Other popular treatments for men include chemical peels for things like sun damage and uneven skin tone.

Everyone will know I had “work” done!

The most frequent comments people who have had a cosmetic dermatology procedure hear is that they look refreshed and better rested. Again, one of the many benefits to cosmetic dermatology is that the changes are subtle yet effective.

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